Poetry flows through music, as much as music springs from poetry. Music and poetry are the kindred spirits of storytelling.

Camille Barr


“For those who are worried, for those seeking comfort, for those who want change, for those searching for hope, this book is for you. In a world that is divided, these poems will inspire and unite.”

 Sarah-Rose Mutch


What would you say if you knew

What would you say
if these were the last
words to pass between
the last moments to share
before everything changed
take these moments with care
for there are things
that we cannot know
precious moments pass quickly
into the memories
of either regrets
or cherished times,
so take the time
bite the tongue
embrace the heart
leave it on a note
that will play
sweetly for many
years to come
for you may not
know this will be…
the end
Camille Barr

“There is an expansive feeling to this song like it will transcend everything that came before and soars into eternity.”

Other side reviews


“Angelic Celtic folk, alternative chamber music, and indie pop with strong hints of medieval hues anchor  The Last Folk Singer in a folk-soundscape that…

twinkles and bursts forth with an almost fairytale charm. 

At other junctures, haunting pianos and fierce vocals carry ‘Living In A World Of Silence’ into dark, foreboding territory that is strangely alluring.” 


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