(Printed on Photographic Paper)

The nature of creation

I sway in the tree of dreams
Far from the ground of harsh realities
This freedom comes to mind
From a view seldom seen today
The peaceful breeze carries me,
away in a daydream
Into a new world of discovery
How refreshing it is to breathe
Deep, with no sense to hurry
The man-made deadline absent
In the nature of time aligned
In space this was created
To set the centre stage alive
This is the place to visit to remind
The mind where it ‘set in motion’
The imaginative exploration for tomorrow

Camille Barr

Camille Barr Point Addis

Expression, art and beauty swirl through the universe in an array of shapes, forms and colours, sparking emotionally charged reactions of desire, inspiration, hope and at times even melancholia.

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– Behind the facade

“The story teller can hide behind their story; a bad writer can get away with it if the story is great. But a poem? It has to speak volumes in usually less words than a short story, sometimes only a few lines. It has to have the rhythm of music. The poet’s language has to be broad so that there is little repetition. The poet has to be seen to be in control. Camille Barr with her work ‘Behind The Facade’ succeeds on all these counts…Poets will appreciate this work, non poets could learn how to appreciate poetry from this work.”John Eliot, Poet “Ssh”


“For those who are worried, for those seeking comfort, for those who want change, for those searching for hope, this book is for you. In a world that is divided, these poems will inspire and unite.”Sarah-Rose Mutch

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Camille has recently intertwined the poetic storytelling haven with another sanctuary; the art of music. Shaping lyrical ink with her poetic tones and partnering it with alluring vocal lines, elegant piano chimes, divine guitar sighs and elevating strings, she evolves into singer-songwriter Camille Delaquise 

You can listen here