About me

Camille Barr is an Australian poet and essayist. Born 1978 in Byron Bay, Australia, raised in and around the hills of Byron, before it was hip. During a time when alternative lifestyles were the cheap option; alternative meant a kind of weird different; a bucket toilet in the woodshed with a resident carpet snake watching from the beams above; wearing thrift shop clothing as it was all that could be afforded and copping the taunts from peers as they realise you are wearing their old clothes.

As Byron changed, Camille discovered she couldn’t keep up with the ready-made hipster trends that were descending. As a consequence she moved to Torquay, Victoria, in 2005. Becoming terribly homesick she moved home to Byron in 2006. Alas she still wasn’t a hipster, and moved back to Torquay in 2013.

The irony is not lost on Camille, that if people stopped dropping the Byron Bay name like it’s the name of a famous friend, then perhaps there would still be a place in Byron for the non-hipster. But trust a poet to contribute to her own misery; perhaps her inner hipster is emerging after all. Poetry certainly seems to fit the profile, ironically she has been writing poetry since the age of 9. As usual she had arrived far to early to the party to ever be considered cool.

Beauty is a reflection of generosity.


To read Camille’s blog visit www.sparrowpoetry.com.au