Camille Delaquise Barr

Australian poet, musician, artist and dreamer, Camille captures this revolving world through a kaleidoscope lens. From the perspective of female poet, Camille takes the picturesque landscape of life and holds a microscope to it, unveiling the complex political, social and environmental issues suffocating humanity, and transforms those images into narratives where poetry and music collide. 

Originally from Byron Bay and currently living in Melbourne, Camille made her musical debut with the haunting ‘A little gypsy song’ followed up by the feminist anthem ’…Because I was born a girl’, both receiving a warm reception from radio stations and publications.

“A folk-soundscape that twinkles and bursts forth with an almost fairytale charm. “

As Camille continues to survey the spirals of art manifestation and splendour and the relationship we have in this space, she invites you to join her on the exploration of unmasking the truth. 

A photograph of Camille Delaquise Barr
Poetry Readings

Live Unplugged 'A Little Gypsy Song'

Behind The Facade
Oceans swell as lifestyle sells
The bare and barren truth lurks
An imagined Photoshop collage
Draws weary as deliveries stop
Where are you my dear old friend?
The one I knew so well as a child
Take me home…
to the birds that sing,
to the trees that whisper
and the flowers that bloom.