Because I was born a girl music video/campaign

We are making a music video to be released on 8th of March 2021 which is International Women’s Day.  The song is …Because I was born a girl you can listen here


On one side of the cardboard write your statement eg. I was told I couldn’t play the guitar… On the other side the words Because I was born a girl 

Shot on iPhone 7



  • 5 to 10 second video see example, prefer 10 as this gives us room to move.
  • On one side of the cardboard write your statement eg. I was told I couldn’t play the guitar… On the other side the words Because I was born a girl 
  • Can be shot on phone we would prefer 4k if your phone has it
  • Don’t worry about filters this will all be done in post to match the entire video
  • Can be either full body or half body 
  • The background/backdrop – Is up to you, plain wall is fine but also can be outdoors or you can show a bit of who you are. Feel free to be creative.

If possible could you please provide one or two still images of yourself that we could use on our website to promote the video/campaign as well.

Please email video and photos to [email protected] also any questions feel free to contact Tammy. 

We will then email you a release form that you can digitally sign giving us permission to use the video.

These are the women involved so far,  feel free to contact us if you feel like you could help in any way with the making of this video, we are looking for a film colourist if you are one or know someone.


Creative concept – Camille Barr 

Creative design – Sybil Steele – 

Publicity – Tammy Walters

Director – TBA

DOP/Cinematographer – Felicia Smith

Hanna Palmer – Lighting & Steadicam TBC 

Film Editor – Grace O’Connell

Behind the scenes footage – TBA

About the song …Because I was born a girl

I would like to firstly acknowledge that it was with the support of four men that the production of this song was made possible (the irony of which is not lost on me, I assure you). The lyrics are definitely not about pointing the finger at men, it is the challenging of a system that limits human potential and holds us all captive to a past system that is long overdue for change. I view the dismantling of this system as having as many benefits for men as women for that should be the point of equality.

What this song is about then is bringing into the general consciousness the fact that our societies are still predominately organised within the *realm of a patriarchal system of doing things. Women may have won equal rights in some places but we are yet to win equal treatment.

Our modern version of the patriarchal system may sound different from the past, however this only acts to silence any challenge to its power. With the framing of deceptive language that creates an illusion of equality rather than a reality of equality. We are confronted by this illusion everyday that passes and fails to break through the wall that is the gender pay gap.

So this song is referring to the realisation that the patriarchal system still exists within our culture and that it is a system that not only limits women’s opportunities but it is a system that is limiting human potential as a whole. It is very empowering to be able to recognise what you are up against because it provides the the opportunity to question it and ultimately challenge it. Women hold the power to change the patriarchal system of doing things and this song is just as much about recognising that power.

(Note: the realm of the patriarchal system within this context just means we organise our societies based mostly from the perspective of the lived experience of men, the consequence is the benefits are directed to a greater degree towards men compared to women whether consciously or unconsciously).

Camille xx