“A folk-soundscape that twinkles and bursts forth with an almost fairytale charm. “


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Camille Barr // The Last Folk singer

Expression, art and beauty swirl through the universe in an array of shapes, forms and colours, sparking emotionally charged reactions of desire, inspiration, hope and at times even melancholia.

Poet, musician, artist and dreamer, Camille Barr, captures this revolving world through a kaleidoscope lens. She takes the picturesque landscape of life and holds a microscope to it, unveiling the complex political, social and environmental issues suffocating humanity, and transforms those images into narratives where poetry and music collide. Her way with understanding, arranging and transforming words into delicate bodies of story was birthed in the classroom at the age of nine as an outlet for creativity. That creativity has since morphed into her haven and a mirror for her identity.

Camille Barr delivers astute, raw and comforting pieces through her worldly gaze. Words appear upon her lips as she wakes each morning and she illuminates them on paper to find depth, acceptance and healing.

Barr has recently intertwined the poetic storytelling haven with another sanctuary; the art of music. Shaping lyrical ink with her poetic tones and partnering it with alluring vocal lines, elegant piano chimes, divine guitar sighs and elevating strings, Barr evolves into The Last Folk Singer.

Originally from Byron Bay, the now Geelong Surf Coast local made her musical debut with the haunting ‘A Little Gypsy Song’, followed up by the feminist anthem ‘….Because I Was Born A Girl’, both receiving warm reception from radio stations and publications.

As Camille Barr continues to survey the spirals of art, manifestation and splendour and the relationship we have within the space, she allows you to join her on the exploration of unmasking the truth.

“Sitting upon a delicate piano bed with curtains of strings draped around it, Barr creates ballads that underscore deeper political, sociological and environmental messages.” HI FI WAY

LINK – https://hifiway.live/2020/12/14/the-last-folk-singer/


“Living in a World of Silence, which was released in mid-August wraps her powerful poetic, political-driven penmanship in swirls of enchanting sound.” MESSED UP MAG

LINK – https://www.messedmag.com/2020/09/15/the-last-folk-singer-where-evocative-poetry-meets-folk-music/


“Angelic Celtic folk, alternative chamber music, and indie pop with strong hints of medieval hues anchor The Last Folk Singer in a folk-soundscape that twinkles and bursts forth with an almost fairytale charm.” SCENESTR

LINK -https://scenestr.com.au/music/introducing-the-last-folk-singer-20201002


“There is an expansive feeling to this song like it will transcend everything that came before and soars into eternity.” Other side reviews

LINK – https://www.theothersidereviews.com/the-last-folk-singer-living-in-a-world-of-silence-2020/

“The poetic style of lyrics for Never-ending story were inspired by the documentary Dirty Wars, that follow journalist Jeremy Scahill on his mission to understand the “twisted logic, a logic with no end” that is war.” Camille Barr

“The lyrics are about questioning the concept of freedom within the confines of capitalism. By using emotive words such as gypsy to stir imagery that connects to the idea of freedom. I invite the listener in on an emotional level. Even jarring imagery of beauty and devastation side by side. “Where do the wild birds sing, when all is dead and gone.” I seek to illicit a response.” Camille Barr

“Art for me breaks through the silence and its truth is not only healing it is also makes everything beautiful again.”  Camille Barr

“The name was adopted for Folk music’s connection to poetry and I am first and foremost a poet.  Much like poetry, folk music has its roots in communicating collective knowledge in an artful way.” Camille Barr

“Women may have won equal rights in some places but we are yet to win equal treatment. Our modern version of the patriarchal system may sound different from the past, however this only acts to silence any challenge to its power. With the framing of deceptive language that creates an illusion of equality rather than a reality of equality.” Camille Barr

1 – A little gypsy song 03:19
2 – ….Because I was born a girl04:15
3 – Time passing by03:40
4 – Song Four03:38
5 – Never-Ending Story06:13


Living in a world of silence EP RELEASE Cover

A little gypsy song 


…Because I was born a girl


Pocket note for the dark days


Behind the facade – Released 2017, Camille’s debut book

“The story teller can hide behind their story; a bad writer can get away with it if the story is great. But a poem? It has to speak volumes in usually less words than a short story, sometimes only a few lines. It has to have the rhythm of music. The poet’s language has to be broad so that there is little repetition. The poet has to be seen to be in control. Camille Barr with her work ‘Behind The Facade’ succeeds on all these counts…Poets will appreciate this work, non poets could learn how to appreciate poetry from this work.” 

John Eliot, Poet “Ssh”

Books for website Camille Barr Poet 2

RISE – Camille’s second book released 2018

“A collection of thought provoking vignettes, words cleverly weaved with meaning. The common thread is challenging the way we are and the world we live in, lamenting the loss of community and fairness, yet the enduring feeling is one of hope and optimism. Read it, leave it, let it linger and it will beckon you for attention again and again. It won’t always make you smile, but it will make you think.”

Kim Wingerei – Author, commentator and occasional poet


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Correnti Incrociate - Cover

Press release – for immediate release 24 May 2021

Australian poet Camille Barr has 3 poems included in Italian literary translation project.  Wildflower (RISE, 2019) What would you say if you knew? (Behind the facade, 2017) and Eradication of absurd wealth (Behind the facade, 2017)


English-language poetry transformed in the hands of postgraduate students at the University of Salerno

Literary translation is a skill that sits comfortably in the background when it’s done well, invisible to the eye and ear; an art form in its own right to delight and engage its audience in whatever language they find it.

Correnti Incrociate (‘Cross-currents’), the latest in the poetry chapbook series from Mosaïque Press, is one such gem – with a twist sure to delight lovers of language and artistic expression. Alongside the Italian interpretations of 49 English-language poems in this 150-page volume are the originals, line for line, to provide fascinating insights into language itself.

Correnti Incrociate is the result of a collaboration with the University of Salerno’s Department of Humanities, in which postgraduate students studying literary translation with Prof Linda Barone translated poems selected by book co-editor John Eliot.

“I was interested in giving the students an experience of works that they might not normally come across,” he said. “Of course, quality was also important.”

Here is an anthology that reflects excellence in poetry; an anthology with as many different styles as poets. The subject matter is equally broad and ranges from freedom’s never-ending will  , an appreciation of Brugel, and observing Amish on a pier, to navigating Kings Cross station, and speculating on Kalashnikov’s regrets. “The list is quite endless,” said Eliot. 

Publisher Chuck Grieve said: “It’s been a delight to produce this book. The poems are consistently entertaining and thought-provoking, and the great thing about the face-to-face format is you don’t need fluency in Italian to appreciate how they work in that language too.”


Eliot, whose involvement with the 2019 Salerno Literary Festival led to the companion chapbook Canzoni del Venerdi Sera, said: “This whole exercise has been a pleasure from start to finish. I want to thank all at Salerno University who were involved in the project and of course the poets without whom this would not have been possible. We’ve produced an anthology that we can be proud of.”

Correnti Incrociate is published on 1 June by Mosaïque Press, priced at £6.99, and available through online retail bookshops.


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...Because I was born a girl - MUISC VIDEO

“Doors were closed, ceilings felt heavy, questions were not asked, opportunities were lost – a million battles have been fought because I was born a girl” – ‘…Because I Was Born A Girl’

This lyrical extract from The Last Folk Singers anthemic single ‘…Because I Was Born A Girl’ from her 2020 debut EP Living In A World Of Silence, unfortunately represents a shared gender experience and has resonated with females across generations who too have suffered injustice on the equality scale for too long. More info can be found here and the women involved can be found here.

“For those who are worried, for those seeking comfort, for those who want change, for those searching for hope, this book is for you. In a world that is divided, these poems will inspire and unite.”

 Sarah-Rose Mutch

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Camille Barr

The Last Folk Singer