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The catalyst for a weak economy

A catalyst for a weak economy Camille Barr

Consequences of devaluing our welfare system There are far reaching ramifications to the economy by keeping “Newstart” at unbearably low levels. Firstly, we must note that this monstrous assault on the unemployed together with, the economy at large began in…

The best person for the job – a question of merit

Merit Post Camille Barr Poetry Art Prints

Merit – claim to commendation; excellence; worth. Something that entitles to reward of commendation, a commendable quality, act, etc (Macquarie dictionary fifth edition). When the question of quotas are referenced to ensure the equal representation and opportunity of women in…

Why reading legislation isn’t boring


There is often talk about wanting to change the system or that a certain component within the system is broken and must be fixed. However, when you look at the original premise of a particular Act it may actually be…