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Poem: About that bird that sings

Green left weekly - Camille Barr

Green left weekly recently published by poem About that bird that sings, which I dedicate to all the whistle-blowers who have given up so much for our freedom. Visit here to read full article. About that bird that sings Bold…

Indaily – The beauty that is found

Poem published by Camille Barr

Indaily Adelaide’s independent news published my poem “The beauty that is found” The beauty that is found In the days that tire the bonesthe mind looks to escapestep back, breathe slowobserve time pass by Refocus, delve withinbreak free in the…

Green Left Weekly – Watch your language

Poetry: a battle over truth

Green Left weekly recently published this piece and poem I wrote after the election result in Australia. “ This election win for the Establishment is the expected result that comes from “manufacturing consent” through the use of propaganda in some…