“There is an expansive feeling to this song like it will transcend everything that came before and soars into eternity.” 

Other Side Reviews

Here is my latest release Blossoming again…

Letting go of the pretence of perfection, accepting that life will have both dark and light and that harmony plays off the balance of the two. This is the place (if we are lucky) we come to once enough time has passed for reflection to really take on a deeper meaning.

“Rough roads, scrapped knees

Burnt and blistered vanity”

(Not perfection, Behind the facade 2017, Camille Barr)

Blossoming again has come from this journey we call life but not the perfect type for none exist and nor should they, for we need the things that challenge us to grow. Especially now that we are living longer, the window of opportunity no longer opens only to the young. The seeds of change have been planted so I reject the box of convention and dare to blossom again.