Correnti Incrociate

Correnti Incrociate - Cover

So honoured to have 3 poems included in this amazing project! Wildflower, What would you say if you knew? & Eradication of absurd wealth. ITALIAN STUDENTS TAKE LITERARY TRANSLATION TO A NEW LEVEL English-language poetry transformed in the hands of…

Hi FI Way interview

Camille Barr - The Last Folk Singer

“The project headed by poet and songwriter Camille Barr sees her seamlessly blend her two worlds of artistic expression to capture the kaleidoscope world where exploration is key to understanding the depth of existence. Sitting upon a delicate piano bed…

Messed Up Magazine

Camille Barr photo by Melina Lindinger

“A recent addition to the Australian music industry, The Last Folk Singer is the musical manifestation of poet Camille Barr. Shifting shores from the glorious beaches of Byron Bay to the world class surf of Torquay, The Last Folk Singer…