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Butterfly effect



Butterfly effect


It is always worth taking another look at our more creative side, we all have one.

I almost threw this painting out, I folded it in half ready to discard but took one last look and slowly opened it back up (like we are taught to do with our preschool paintings of butterflies). It forever reminds not to let my creativity be my lost potential but rather allow it to be a better side to life.

It was always you
hidden in the corners
patiently waiting
Business always came first so you were relegated to dusty desk drawers
Visiting at dawn and dusk,
when the mind has time to wonder
How much sweeter life would be
if you were the nectar
instead of the broken promise
Every day is made better
when allowed to roam free

Camille Barr

Art poster A1 (59.4cm by 84.1cm) The photo paper has an elegant picture finish, bright and eye-catching colours, matt film with superior quality and strength. Epson printers with original ink, 1440dpi with high definition and colour retention, weight (thickness) of paper 250gsm. Camille Barr's Art in a Box collection of posters are the perfect gift for any occasion.

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